Wednesday, 17 February 2016

I just simply love white roses.

Hubby better take note.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

OMW!! I remembered I have a blog

Wow so today I remembered I have a blog.... And so I decided I'm gonna start blogging again cause I'm so bored with my life😐😅

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

From School to BOOT CAMP ! ! !

Last Wednesday, my school organized an excursion for my grade, the best they could come up with was... Boot Camp!! So anyways, it was all rules and instructions, team work, communication, tons of push-ups and plenty of screaming... By the time we had to change to leave, we were all so sore, battered and bruised, we never complain when they told us we had to go back into our uniforms... they then took us to McDee's as a treat after all that hard work... 

Boot Camp South Africa
2 is always better than 1 !!

Top left: Safiyya (ME!), Nazeera, Salama, Juwairia.
Bottom Left: Saina, Fathima.

left: Saina,Fathima, Safiyya(ME!), Mary

From Left: Saina & Me, Juwairia & Nazeerah, Salama, Fathima

Me with my bags, Blackberry and wet hair. (Thank You Boot Camp :/ )

Nazeerah singing along 2 a song.

That's right Nazz, outside does not look very exciting, does it?

Me & Mary

Me & Mary, AGAIN... 

AGAIN, Mary en Me


Safiyya (aka. ME!) heart sunnies and star headphones!

Salama acting mad, attempting the
"LMFAO Part Rock Anthem" Shuffeling (on a moving bus!)

Only Thima And Salz

All pics came out really blur as the bus went onto the dirt roads... XD nightmare!!

Left: Mary, Nazz, Saina, Fathima, Salz, Juwi

Yours truly...

Carry on Eating, we wer all hungry...

Saina & Fathima

Everyone eating when our commanders decided we were all to soft 2 go on further
without food... 
More eating


Okay, thats Me, we had to paint our faces to show our group's
team spirit, my group painted our noses red and we called ourselves
the "RANGERS" 

For all those BB users (which most of the girls are) we had a major problem with
getting signal... i mean, they didnt even have toilets!! we had to do it in the bushes... talk about HARDCORE!!

Saina being mad, Mary still looking for signal... XD

Nazz, the only one who kept her face paint till we got to McDonald's near school


Dear God, this was funny, Fathima was going through one of the obsticles when she got hurt...
insisted we take a pic so, here it is... (N.B under middle finger, 3rd finger from left)

Nazz, paint peeling of abit 

Nazz AGAIN...

Want to know what it looked like overall? what you see above, well imagine
that all around you, just add more trees, bushes, shrubs etc... was hell

Finally! McDee's

McFlurry & Choc Cornetto


Still getting the remains of paint off face, scrub harder Thima!

Come on, who doesnt love a good McFlurry?!


Nazz & Juwi

Nazz & Juwi

Fathima telling a story

Fathima arguing her point

Mary & Me comparing chocolate content in our McFlurrys
(mine is the brown one!! YUMMY!)

Bathrooms in McDee's


A little eager for a pic eh, Thima?! 

Me & Mary

MY 6 friends & ME!! Cheers to the weekend!!





LMAO My Classmates took over the tills at McDee's!


Empty Cups

Outside McDee's

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