Sunday, 18 September 2011


Okay dig this, I (Safiyya) found out by chance about 2NE1 and decided to Google them, and Hey Presto I watched a few videos and got hooked. So one day when I took my laptop to school and showed my friends a video, they were all "That is so cool" , "They are so PRETTY!!!" , "What language are they singing?!" and you can imagine the rest... so anyways i showed them the video of "I Am The Best" and they wanted to try out the choreography and so we watched the same video about a hundred times before they got it right (only the first bit by CL + the bit where they all dance (chorus) mind you. sigh, I'm the only one who can do this without worrying about who is watching or when somebody makes a mistake I dont laugh like the rest of them. (yay me!!) Mary will get huffy at me for saying stuff like this on our blog but oh well...

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